Accessories for Parts- and Spraying Gun Washers

Aqua Remover (especially for water varnish)

Cleaning fluid for manual and automatic cleaning is delivered as concentrate. Mix ratio 1:1 – 1:4 – according to requirements – Contains anticorrosive additives (so that the guns will not be affected). Package: 5 liter + 10 liter containers (amounts up to fivefold quantity).

Container sealing plug

Contains HDPE With hose feed-through

Container – bleeds off potential static

Plastic – bleeds off potential static – UN 3H1/Y1.5/150

30 liter(Measurements: length x width x height approx. 365 x 240 x 450mm)

60 liter (Measurements: length x width x height approx. 400 x 335 x 630mm)

Continuous-flow brush

Hollow brush handle and lid

Coagulation set (four-part)

Very robust, big, stable coagulation set composed of

2 plastic tubs (big + small), fine mesh filter, coarse filter


FLOCS Coagulant

Coagulant in powder form for chemical treatment of circulating washings (water varnish).

Specially for processing of AQUA REMOVER.

Extremely economical! Wastage 1-2%


E-D-HALF-MASK-RESPIRATOR FFA2/P2R, disposable EN 140:2002, EN 14387:2004 + A1:2008, CE 0120 conform

Designed for effective protection against dust, solvents and organic vapors or gases.



Designed for effective protection especially against overspray, splashes of chemical products as well as dusts and particles


Spraying gun Magnet holder

Extremely strong magnet, universally usable


Stainless steel screwable

Earthing lug sparkproof


Blow-out gun

For blowing off liquids, nozzle tube length approx. 11 cm; unit made of alu- minium-pressure casting, completely fitted with connecting nipple. Connection threads ¼” internal screw thread, operating pressure 1-10 bar, air consumption 120-600 liter /min.