Accessories for solvent and waste water recycling

Lock ring

To fixate the recbags at the edge of the boiler, so the bag cannot collapse while filling.

Thermal-Oil for FIDI distilling apparatuses

5 + 20 liter trading unit

Non-stick agent

To make the cleaning easier,

we recommend using it also when recbags are used. It minimizes the bonding at bottom and sides of the boiler.

Economical in usage.


Vacuum equipment type V1

Recommended for solvent with high boiling point or with low ignition temperature.

Pneumatic with pressure differential controller for saving compressed air.



Plastic – bleeds off potential static – UN 3H1/Y1.5/150

30 liter (length x width x height) 365 x 240 x 450mm

60 liter (length x width x height) 400 x 335 x 630mm


Collecting tank

Material AISI 430/EN 1.4016 Especially for our distiller units. Different sizes.


Container sealing plug

Contains of HDPE With hose feed-through


Container industrial line, stainless

Different equipment:

– Filling – Drain – Recirculation – Agitator – Level controlling – Safety levels


Full view safety goggles

Very robust model with comfort fit, also designed for wearers of glasses and/or protective respirators.


Safety gloves

Better sense of touch and 50% less fatigue of the hand maximum abrasion resistance in accordance with DIN EN 388, as a result maximum lifetime. Length: 40 cm + 60 cm, Size 10


E-D-HALF-MASK-RESPIRATOR FFA2/P2R, disposable EN 140:2002, EN 14387:2004 + A1:2008, CE 0120 conform

Designed for effective protection against dust, solvents and organic vapors or gases


Earthing lug sparkproof

In accordance with instruction directive 94/9 EX (ATEX), extremely strong grip, wide span, sharp metal teeth which can grip through colour, rust, grease etc.

5 meter long coiled cable with plastic coating


Cover gaskets

Standard gasket (black) Acetone gasket (grey) TEFLON gasket (white)



Sight glass in lid with wiper

For process control 2 sight glasses in lid of boiler. One of them with wiping system



Defoamer type LM

Use is recommended when foaming solvents are treated Extremely high effectiveness Addition depends on product (foam) 1-3 %. Silicone-free


Defoamer type WA

Use is recommended when foaming detergents (mostly water varnish) are treated. High effectiveness. Addition depends on product (foam) 1-5 %. Silicone-free