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The NORTHSHIELD® product portfolio presents high-grade and adequate personal protective equipment for various working environments and – compliant to all relevant standards, risk-reducing, safe.

In the field of paint overalls and workwear we cover and meet the complete range of latest market demands.




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Apparel for Varnishing and Coating

More and more automobile manufacturers varnish under clean room conditions to achieve accurate quality for their newly painted vehicles. The right choice of workwear is a good base for best results.

On one hand it is important to protect the worker on the other hand the product which is going to be varnished must be protected too. The apparel enables the worker full protection while varnishing and it prevents that particle of the human body and lint will set free and get on the varnishing surface. The fabric consists of 98% polyester continuous filament and 2% carbon. The continuous filament guarantees that no yarn particles will set free. The percentage of carbon bleeds off potential static.

The piped seams (Bound Seam) technique is an unique construction.

Paint Overalls and Workwear

Hand Protection

Respiratory Protection and Equipment