W 45 M, INOX

Trend-setting cabinet washers for aqueous cleaner.
Ergonomic constructed cabinet washer completely made out of STAINLESS STEEL.

  • Completely robust STAINLESS STEEL units. Both the washing room which is for the automatic wash cycle and the unit is completely made of stainless steel
  • Manual washing room for devices up to 450 mm length
  • Connectable continuous-flow brush start-up with circulation cleaner for manual cleaning
  • Connectable fresh solvent jet for rinsing
  • Brush start-up with public water flow for final rinsing
  • Coagulation function in basin with connectable support of coagulation process
  • Coagulation set four-part (placed in cabinet base)
  • Use of approved, robust, booster pumps
  • Shop air for blow out-or spraying gun
  • Little cleaning wastage

measurements: (L x W x H)  ca. 500 x 700 x 1.465 mm
weight: 60 kg
shop air: 6 – 10 bar
diameter suction: 150 mm