E-D-SANDING-BLOCK-SET Foam, yellow, 6 pieces

  • Set contains 1 convex foam block (master block) with Velcro® pads on three sides for attaching sanding disks with Ø 150mm; standard size of 15cm x 8.5cm x approx. 4.6cm
  • Additionally, 5 differently shaped accessory blocks with Velcro® pads on the flat surface for attaching them to the master block
  • Especially designed for hand sanding convex surfaces made of metal, wood or plastic
  • Accessory blocks are adapted to various convex sanding surfaces; master block with rounded hand rest and indentations for 3 fingers; suitable for wet and dry sanding
  • For use in the industrial and crafts sectors, especially in house-painting, car body and paint shops, in wood processing, in boat as well as yacht building and DIY work